Saturday, December 31, 2005

Most Important Impeachment Petition/Letter by Rep. Conyers EVER!!

Please sign Rep. Conyers' Impeachment bill letter/petition.

Shameful that he still only has about 26,000 signatures when the Downing Street Memo Petition
garnered 500,000 signatures. Where is everyone who has been demanding impeachment when it
comes time to sign a letter/petition by a Congressperson who has stuck his neck way out to legally
begin the Impeachment Inquiry process.

Please sign and post info on other sites.
Thank you.

Congressman Conyers has used the Impeach-Word several times in his proposed Impeachment
Inquiry and has several other members of the House of Representatives as co-sponsors but needs
more and has asked for our help in signing his letter to Bush and in writing to our Congresscritters
to request they support him in investigating the Bush Regime's massive illegal activities harming the American people. Please add your signature here: - Conyer's Action Items

"Join me, below, in sending the:

Letter Advising the President of Censure
Steps to Begin Special Committee Investigation

Dear Mr. President:

We are brave, proud, patriotic citizens of the United States. We love our country and are writing to
express our profound disappointment with you and your administration for your conduct
surrounding the Iraq War, the collection and use of intelligence, and your disrespect for the laws of
this great nation..."


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