Friday, December 30, 2005

Bombing Al Jazeera
Bombing Al Jazeera

There can be few of us who haven't heard about the Mirror exclusive back in November, when they exposed Bush's intention to bomb the Al Jazeera offices. Aside from raising questions about Bush's sanity...

This served to prove that Al Jazeera can be relied upon to bring us the news. Why else would Bush want to bomb them? It seems to me that from now on, any thinking person should sit up and pay very close attention to what Al Jazeera has to say.

Al Jazeera never expected to be a favorite with world leaders. As you can see here: Don't Bomb Us: They're no strangers to controversy and accusations from every corner.

News is something someone somewhere doesn't want published: All the rest is advertising!

Credit for this as soon as I can found out who originally said it!


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