Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Young Soldiers Talk About War Atrocities of Use of White Phosphorus at Falluja Massacre on Italian TV

The Alleged Use of White Phosphorus in Falluja
by spoon or no spoon Mon Nov 07, 2005 at 09:03:54 PM PDT

It has been alleged that white phosphorus munitions (WP) were used as anti-personnel weapons against the population of Falluja.

The Alleged Use of White Phosphorus in Falluja
Nov 07, 2005 at 09:03:54 PM PDT

It has been alleged that white phosphorus munitions (WP) were used as anti-personnel weapons against the population of Falluja. If true, this is a war crime. I have a few things to say.
There are no, repeat, NO circumstances where the use of WP as an antipersonnel weapon is legitimate in warfare. It sickens me to think that U.S. troops may have systematically applied WP as an areal casualty weapon in Falluja. I assure you, as a former chemical defense advisor in the Pentagon under President Clinton, NO OFFICER IN THE MILITARY IS CONFUSED ON THIS POINT.

Chemical defense training has been in the forefront since the Gulf War. I imagine a new circle of Hell is being readied for military attorneys, battle planners, and Administration policy apparatchiks that signed off on the use of WP as a mass casualty weapon. That sort of action has a lot of logistical planning involved...a lot of paperwork, purchase orders, and a requisitions trail.
Yes, killing people is killing people. Bullets, bombs, rockets..dead is dead. But at least those weapons have the potential for targeting against militants...whereas areal weapons like WP do not allow discrimination between militants and noncombatants. WP as a mass casualty weapon is a weapon of terror. If the NATO allies have any backbone, they will withdraw from NATO if the allegations of WP use in Falluja are true. Economic sanctions against the U.S. would be in order.

Kicking the U.S. out of the Olympics is not out of the question. I desperately hope the allegations are not true. If they are, we have become worse than what we fear in the spectre of Al Qaeda, because we have the means and the latitude to exercise conventional and licit forms of warfare. If the stories are true, we became barbarians out of frustration at the recalcitrance of the Falluja stronghold. We should be held to account by our allies. We will be held to account by future generations of Iraqis.

Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Iraq
Warning: Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Falluja

For an extensive survey of thse US war crimes follow the links at:

...We must get the word out, NOW

Thanks for your informed comment. I'm sure you've considered sharing your concern about this story with your colleagues! We've got to press for an investigation into this ASAP. Now? (3.37 / 8)
Jesus wept. It has been going on for so long and the rest of the world had known about it for so long, you actually dare to use the word NOW ?

A substantial fraction of US soldiers in Iraq should be facing a fring squad. All of them deserve censure for participating in an illegal war of agression by illegal means.

Even our "blessed" fighting Dems are criminals.

You break the law you pay the price You don't get a free ride because you carry an American passport.I agree... ..that the death penalty is immoral (but so is allowing the situation to continue, why aren't you lying down in front of a tank?).

I would think that 10 to 20 years in the peace corps would be an appropriate sentence. But I live in a civilised country that does not have the death penalty (except for treason).It will be US civilians whose lives are on the line.

The Bushes,the Cheneys,the Rumsfelds et al will all be in their undisclosed underground fortified bunkers when it comes time to pay the piper.

As has been discussed many times before,the rest of the world has seen the interviews with surviving relatives of those murdered civilians and there must be tens of thousands whose only purpose in life is to get into the USA and take revenge.

They don't care if it takes them 40 years,either.

It reminds me of that interview Vidal gave the LA Times in November 2003:

"MARC COOPER: How do you think the current war in Iraq is going to play out?

GORE VIDAL: :I think we will go down the tubes right with it. With each action Bush ever more enrages the Muslims. And there are a billion of them. And sooner or later they will have a Saladin who will pull them together, and they will come after us.

GORE VIDAL: And it won't be pretty. "

Brains aren't done developing until well into the early 20's. We should look to our own society's practice of sending kids that don't have the neurological faculties to use real judgement to kill. Who shoulders more blame, soldiers or politicians?

While it is clear that atrocities are being carried out by soldiers, I do have some sympathy for the average grunt in Iraq. The soldiers are just the pawns; the real war criminals are the thugs in Washington.

Yes: civilians in Fallujah. There were checkpoints outside Fallujah were men suspected of being insurgents would be arrested, and other men were not allowed to leave the city.
Tell them 'Stay in your houses, stay away from windows and stay off the roof and you'll live through Fallujah,'" Formica, of the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd Brigade, told his battalion commanders in a radio conference call Wednesday night.

ABC story from a year ago.

The tactics used in Fallujah are worthy of the Einsatzkommandos during WWII. The Marines corp should be ashamed. The famed troops have turned into cowards and mass killers.

Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Iraq

Warning: Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Falluja

The Guardian: The media are minimising US and British war crimes in Iraq November 08,2005

The Independent: US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah08 November 2005

Ever since the assault, which went unreported by any Western journalists, rumours have swirled that the Americans used chemical weapons on the city.


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