Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Why Torture is Wrong for Fox Dummies,2933,77538,00.html

Remember when Fox showed footage of “shock and awe”, added classical music, and ran it over and over again as if it had mythical proportions. Recently they reported that widespread looting and violence was being commited by the victims of a terrible natural catastrophe. The list of egregiously slanted “news” items coming from these mental degenerates is long. This is just one more. What the hell will they tell their grandchildren???

~~Fox News: “Why All The Fuss About Torturing People?” Just now on Fox News:Marc Jacobson, who served on the Defense Department Prisoner Policy Team from 2002-2003, explains what all the fuss is about:

[The problem is] the perception that we tossed off [the Geneva Convention] and said, “We’re going to have nothing to do with this; we’re going to create our own set of rules,” that not only created a perception to the world that we are not going to adhere to the rule of law, but from a functional standpoint, I think it may have put our own troops in danger. You have a situation now where other nations can say: “Because of the different nature of this war, we are not going to treat U.S. troops as prisoners of war. They are enemy combatants. I’m sorry — military necessity. We’re following the precedent you’re setting.”

~~ do not have cable, so I was a little skeptical about Fox. But I watched it yesterday and this morning while house sitting for someone, and I couldn’t believe how obvious their spin had become.

Was it always this bad, or is it because 1) I haven’t seen it for awhile and had been used to it before; or 2) are they getting desperate?; or 3) both?

~Current ratings:
I’ve told you kids before. Fox News may be number one in cable, but compared to broadcast network news it’s a puny dribble and the left blogosphere has dwarfed cable and the right blogosphere combined for months now.

~~If someone had told me 6 years ago we would be debating torture and secret gulags in America in the near future, I would have laughed and said they were crazy.

~~Finally, a quote (Marc Jacobson’s) that shows that at least someone is thinking about things from other people’s perspective.

Also ask, “why do people we torture want us dead?”

They ALL want to kill us AFTER we torture them; not all of them wanted to kill us BEFORE they were tortured.

~Why all this fuss about whipping, mocking, and crucifying Jesus?
We Satanists are really enjoying ourselves these days.

~~Anyone who ordered this torture should be court-marshalled for conduct unbecoming an officer.
~That’s pretty straightforward — maybe even the people at Fox could understand it.What is WRONG with people that they can’t see what happens when we lose the high ground. Not only have we lost credibility in the world because of the lies about the war, we have lost integrity and respect around the world for our use of illegal means and methods of interrogation.~~BECAUSE torture doesn’t work. A prisoner, military, insurgent or otherwise, under torture will confess to anything, and, if he doesn’t in fact possess any information that would be of value to his torturers, will simply make up stuff he thinks you will want to hear, anything to make the pain stop.Who wouldn’t? This is a thoroughly well-documented phenemenon.

From a Machiavellian perspective, the real problem with torture is that it’s likely to get you saddled with a hell of a lot of worthless information that wastes valuable time and manpower. It turns possible allies into definite enemies.Torture is morally, categorically wrong, sure; but it’s also, from a realpolitik/military standpoint, stupid and wasteful and inefficient.

I mean, what are we gonna do, kill every Arab in the Middle East? Do the same thing Attorney General Gonzalez’s ancestors did here in the Southwest? It’s 600 years after the Spanish Conquest, and as a New Mexican I can tell you, it still isn’t safe for a guy named Gonzalez to walk around alone on an Indian reservation after dark. Wars get forgotten in a generation or two. Genocide does not. The losers of this war, their descendants will hate our guts for what we’re doing, six and seven generations from now, just as the descendants of France’s long-lost colonial subjects are, as I type this, burning Paris and her suburbs.

The very likely unintended consequence of V.P. Cheney’s and Att’y Gen’l Alberto Gonzalez’s “Conquistador” policy toward the Middle Eastern theater of war, will be a vicious blowback on American soil, and these damned fools in Washington will have yet more American blood on their greedy, soft, fat little hands. Plus they will have done incalculable damage to American business interests all over the world. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

People who can rationalize torture should run, not walk, to the nearest psychologist or psychiatrist. It’s not okay to hurt other living beings. I’ll say that again: It’s not okay to hurt other living beings. If an animal has rabies, or some other dysfunction which permits it to harm others, then it should be dealt with mercifully and compassionately, and if death be the sentence then that sentence should be carried out with the greatest remorse. But torture! God have mercy on us that we have seen these times. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How conveniently that maxim is forgotten by those who so loudly trumpet their so-called Christianity.


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