Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Terrible Force Feedings of Guantanamo Bay Victims,2933,77538,00.html for things you can do to help.

VIDEO-Michael Ratner on Gitmo Bay Assisted Feeding tubes

This will make you sick. Damn Cheney and Bush and the whole anti-civil rights administration.
I was watching the DOD press conference a couple of weeks ago and hear Rumsfeld compare the hunger strike at Gitmo Bay to people going on DIETS. Is there any "Moral Highground" left for Bush Supporters to claim?

Lied the country into war.
Fiscal irresponsibility.
Outing CIA agents then lying about it.
Killing 100,000 Iraqi civilians, many of them women and children. And statistically, some of those woment MUST have been pregnant at the time.

Using Torture just like Saddam.
and now, Using Chemical Weapons.
(I'm sure there is more).

What "Moral Highground" is left for Bush supporters to claim?

I'd say this was a parting present from the Bu$h administration to the incoming Dem administration, in a way like Waco was to Clinton and Reno. Only problem for Bu$h is that the election fraud worked keeping him in the role of responsibility for this war crime.

Though it technically isn't napalm as it's not gasoline jelly, the W77 does use kerosene jelly and polystyrene so it's effects are just as dramatic as napalm.

White Phosphorus isn't supposed to be used as a weapon either, it's legitimate legal use is to illuminate the battlefield. Using it against a civilian population is beyond the pale. These people in the leadership positions have made our soldiers accomplices in war crimes. As Americans, we also are responsible for what they have done in our name. This infuriates me. I never wanted to be part of this, but I am. Just when you think you cannot get any more angry. Bastards. will this ever break through to general consciousness?


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