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Young Soldiers Talk About War Atrocities of Use of White Phosphorus at Falluja Massacre on Italian TV

The Alleged Use of White Phosphorus in Falluja
by spoon or no spoon Mon Nov 07, 2005 at 09:03:54 PM PDT

It has been alleged that white phosphorus munitions (WP) were used as anti-personnel weapons against the population of Falluja.

The Alleged Use of White Phosphorus in Falluja
Nov 07, 2005 at 09:03:54 PM PDT

It has been alleged that white phosphorus munitions (WP) were used as anti-personnel weapons against the population of Falluja. If true, this is a war crime. I have a few things to say.
There are no, repeat, NO circumstances where the use of WP as an antipersonnel weapon is legitimate in warfare. It sickens me to think that U.S. troops may have systematically applied WP as an areal casualty weapon in Falluja. I assure you, as a former chemical defense advisor in the Pentagon under President Clinton, NO OFFICER IN THE MILITARY IS CONFUSED ON THIS POINT.

Chemical defense training has been in the forefront since the Gulf War. I imagine a new circle of Hell is being readied for military attorneys, battle planners, and Administration policy apparatchiks that signed off on the use of WP as a mass casualty weapon. That sort of action has a lot of logistical planning involved...a lot of paperwork, purchase orders, and a requisitions trail.
Yes, killing people is killing people. Bullets, bombs, rockets..dead is dead. But at least those weapons have the potential for targeting against militants...whereas areal weapons like WP do not allow discrimination between militants and noncombatants. WP as a mass casualty weapon is a weapon of terror. If the NATO allies have any backbone, they will withdraw from NATO if the allegations of WP use in Falluja are true. Economic sanctions against the U.S. would be in order.

Kicking the U.S. out of the Olympics is not out of the question. I desperately hope the allegations are not true. If they are, we have become worse than what we fear in the spectre of Al Qaeda, because we have the means and the latitude to exercise conventional and licit forms of warfare. If the stories are true, we became barbarians out of frustration at the recalcitrance of the Falluja stronghold. We should be held to account by our allies. We will be held to account by future generations of Iraqis.

Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Iraq
Warning: Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Falluja

For an extensive survey of thse US war crimes follow the links at:

...We must get the word out, NOW

Thanks for your informed comment. I'm sure you've considered sharing your concern about this story with your colleagues! We've got to press for an investigation into this ASAP. Now? (3.37 / 8)
Jesus wept. It has been going on for so long and the rest of the world had known about it for so long, you actually dare to use the word NOW ?

A substantial fraction of US soldiers in Iraq should be facing a fring squad. All of them deserve censure for participating in an illegal war of agression by illegal means.

Even our "blessed" fighting Dems are criminals.

You break the law you pay the price You don't get a free ride because you carry an American passport.I agree... ..that the death penalty is immoral (but so is allowing the situation to continue, why aren't you lying down in front of a tank?).

I would think that 10 to 20 years in the peace corps would be an appropriate sentence. But I live in a civilised country that does not have the death penalty (except for treason).It will be US civilians whose lives are on the line.

The Bushes,the Cheneys,the Rumsfelds et al will all be in their undisclosed underground fortified bunkers when it comes time to pay the piper.

As has been discussed many times before,the rest of the world has seen the interviews with surviving relatives of those murdered civilians and there must be tens of thousands whose only purpose in life is to get into the USA and take revenge.

They don't care if it takes them 40 years,either.

It reminds me of that interview Vidal gave the LA Times in November 2003:

"MARC COOPER: How do you think the current war in Iraq is going to play out?

GORE VIDAL: :I think we will go down the tubes right with it. With each action Bush ever more enrages the Muslims. And there are a billion of them. And sooner or later they will have a Saladin who will pull them together, and they will come after us.

GORE VIDAL: And it won't be pretty. "

Brains aren't done developing until well into the early 20's. We should look to our own society's practice of sending kids that don't have the neurological faculties to use real judgement to kill. Who shoulders more blame, soldiers or politicians?

While it is clear that atrocities are being carried out by soldiers, I do have some sympathy for the average grunt in Iraq. The soldiers are just the pawns; the real war criminals are the thugs in Washington.

Yes: civilians in Fallujah. There were checkpoints outside Fallujah were men suspected of being insurgents would be arrested, and other men were not allowed to leave the city.
Tell them 'Stay in your houses, stay away from windows and stay off the roof and you'll live through Fallujah,'" Formica, of the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd Brigade, told his battalion commanders in a radio conference call Wednesday night.

ABC story from a year ago.

The tactics used in Fallujah are worthy of the Einsatzkommandos during WWII. The Marines corp should be ashamed. The famed troops have turned into cowards and mass killers.

Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Iraq

Warning: Graphic photos of US chemical weapon use in Falluja

The Guardian: The media are minimising US and British war crimes in Iraq November 08,2005

The Independent: US forces 'used chemical weapons' during assault on city of Fallujah08 November 2005

Ever since the assault, which went unreported by any Western journalists, rumours have swirled that the Americans used chemical weapons on the city.

Close the SOA, School of America's School for Torture and Dachau/Guantanamo Bay

The Sorrow and The Pity. How have we sunk so low? What are we doing to our very young soldiers just out of high school forced to become the Bush Regime and Bilderberg's Gestapo. Support our troops and Impeach the entire Nazi Bush Regime!

Sister Lil Mattingly, a Louisville native and Roman Catholic nun, says she has no regrets about taking part in a protest at a military school last year, even though it landed her in federal prison for six months.

Sister Lil Mattingly plans to return to the annual protest next month at the military school, though she doesn't plan to trespass again....

Why do you want to close the SOA?

SOA/ WHINSEC graduates have included some of the worst and most notorious human rights abusers in Latin American history, and for much of the world, the school, under any name, is synonymous with torture and impunity. SOA graduates have led military coups and are responsible for massacres of hundreds of people. Among the SOA's more than 60,000 alumni are notorious dictators Manuel Noriega and Omar Torrijos of Panama, Leopoldo Galtieri and Roberto Viola of Argentina, Juan Velasco Alvarado of Peru, Guillermo Rodriguez of Ecuador and Hugo Banzar Suarez of Bolivia. SOA graduates were responsible for the Uraba massacre in Colombia, the El Mozote massacre of 900 civilians in El Salvador, the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero and the massacre of 14-year-old Celina Ramos, her mother Elba Ramos and six Jesuit priests in El Salvador and hundreds of other human rights abuses. Closing the school would send a strong human rights message to Latin America and the world. Isn't it unfair to blame the SOA for the actions of a few" badapples??

You can find criminals of every ilk who graduated from Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, but no one advocates closing those institutions because of the crimes of some of their graduates.
If Harvard, Yale, or Princeton taught their students combat skills that to be used against non-combatant civilians, we would justifiably call for their closure. The few "bad apples" argument is not very convincing, given the weight of the evidence about the involvement of SOA graduates in human rights abuses -- two of three officers cited in the assassination of Archbishop Romero; three of five officers cited in the rape and murder of four U.S. churchwomen; ten of twelve cited for the El Mozote massacre of 900 civilians; over 100 of 246 cited for atrocities in Colombia.

Furthermore, the full scope of atrocities committed by SOA graduates will likely never be known because members of Latin American militaries are generally above the law. It is rare that crimes by members of these militaries are investigated and rarer still when the names of those suspected are released.

But hasn't the SOA has made an important contribution to democratization of the region?
No. The SOA was founded as a combat school focused on counterinsurgency techniques. Rather than contributing to the development of democracy in the region, the SOA actually taught methods that undermined and destroyed democratic values. Media Outreach

Important Media Work that You can do

Media coverage significantly magnifies our voice. And it’s up to all of us to generate media coverage of the SOA and efforts to close it down. Taking a little time to carry out a handful of media-related tasks can profoundly impact the number of people in your area who know about the SOA and the number of people who get involved in the work to CLOSE IT DOWN.

Dear Editor:

[Intro sentence connecting your letter to a recent article, if applicable]. This weekend (or next weekend or next month, whatever is applicable), November 18-20, I will join thousands in Columbus, Georgia to call for the closure of the controversial School of the Americas, renamed the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/ WHINSEC). Graduates of this U.S.-taxpayer-financed institution, a combat training school for Latin American security personnel, continue to be implicated in civilian-targeted killings throughout Latin America.

The SOA/ WHINSEC, known popularly as the “School of Assassins,” has trained more than 60,000 Latin American security personnel. In 1996 the Pentagon was forced to release training manuals used at the school that advocate torture, false imprisonment, extortion and execution.
SOA graduates are cited for some of the most horrific atrocities in Latin America, including the El Mozote massacre of 900 civilians in El Salvador, the assassination of six Jesuits and their co-workers in San Salvador, terror campaigns against civilians and indigenous people in Guatemala, and recent massacres in Colombia.

This school is out of line with the values of everyday Americans, and closing it for good would send a strong human rights record to Latin America and the world.

A growing movement of human rights groups, religious clergy and laypeople, students, veterans, unionists and many others will converge in Georgia this weekend, including a contingent from [your town]. We will demand that this training camp be shut down. The path to lasting peace and security can only be found if we implement foreign policy that reflects our ideals of justice and democracy.

To learn more about the SOA/WHINSEC and efforts to close it, visit or call 202-234-3440.


Why Torture is Wrong for Fox Dummies,2933,77538,00.html

Remember when Fox showed footage of “shock and awe”, added classical music, and ran it over and over again as if it had mythical proportions. Recently they reported that widespread looting and violence was being commited by the victims of a terrible natural catastrophe. The list of egregiously slanted “news” items coming from these mental degenerates is long. This is just one more. What the hell will they tell their grandchildren???

~~Fox News: “Why All The Fuss About Torturing People?” Just now on Fox News:Marc Jacobson, who served on the Defense Department Prisoner Policy Team from 2002-2003, explains what all the fuss is about:

[The problem is] the perception that we tossed off [the Geneva Convention] and said, “We’re going to have nothing to do with this; we’re going to create our own set of rules,” that not only created a perception to the world that we are not going to adhere to the rule of law, but from a functional standpoint, I think it may have put our own troops in danger. You have a situation now where other nations can say: “Because of the different nature of this war, we are not going to treat U.S. troops as prisoners of war. They are enemy combatants. I’m sorry — military necessity. We’re following the precedent you’re setting.”

~~ do not have cable, so I was a little skeptical about Fox. But I watched it yesterday and this morning while house sitting for someone, and I couldn’t believe how obvious their spin had become.

Was it always this bad, or is it because 1) I haven’t seen it for awhile and had been used to it before; or 2) are they getting desperate?; or 3) both?

~Current ratings:
I’ve told you kids before. Fox News may be number one in cable, but compared to broadcast network news it’s a puny dribble and the left blogosphere has dwarfed cable and the right blogosphere combined for months now.

~~If someone had told me 6 years ago we would be debating torture and secret gulags in America in the near future, I would have laughed and said they were crazy.

~~Finally, a quote (Marc Jacobson’s) that shows that at least someone is thinking about things from other people’s perspective.

Also ask, “why do people we torture want us dead?”

They ALL want to kill us AFTER we torture them; not all of them wanted to kill us BEFORE they were tortured.

~Why all this fuss about whipping, mocking, and crucifying Jesus?
We Satanists are really enjoying ourselves these days.

~~Anyone who ordered this torture should be court-marshalled for conduct unbecoming an officer.
~That’s pretty straightforward — maybe even the people at Fox could understand it.What is WRONG with people that they can’t see what happens when we lose the high ground. Not only have we lost credibility in the world because of the lies about the war, we have lost integrity and respect around the world for our use of illegal means and methods of interrogation.~~BECAUSE torture doesn’t work. A prisoner, military, insurgent or otherwise, under torture will confess to anything, and, if he doesn’t in fact possess any information that would be of value to his torturers, will simply make up stuff he thinks you will want to hear, anything to make the pain stop.Who wouldn’t? This is a thoroughly well-documented phenemenon.

From a Machiavellian perspective, the real problem with torture is that it’s likely to get you saddled with a hell of a lot of worthless information that wastes valuable time and manpower. It turns possible allies into definite enemies.Torture is morally, categorically wrong, sure; but it’s also, from a realpolitik/military standpoint, stupid and wasteful and inefficient.

I mean, what are we gonna do, kill every Arab in the Middle East? Do the same thing Attorney General Gonzalez’s ancestors did here in the Southwest? It’s 600 years after the Spanish Conquest, and as a New Mexican I can tell you, it still isn’t safe for a guy named Gonzalez to walk around alone on an Indian reservation after dark. Wars get forgotten in a generation or two. Genocide does not. The losers of this war, their descendants will hate our guts for what we’re doing, six and seven generations from now, just as the descendants of France’s long-lost colonial subjects are, as I type this, burning Paris and her suburbs.

The very likely unintended consequence of V.P. Cheney’s and Att’y Gen’l Alberto Gonzalez’s “Conquistador” policy toward the Middle Eastern theater of war, will be a vicious blowback on American soil, and these damned fools in Washington will have yet more American blood on their greedy, soft, fat little hands. Plus they will have done incalculable damage to American business interests all over the world. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

People who can rationalize torture should run, not walk, to the nearest psychologist or psychiatrist. It’s not okay to hurt other living beings. I’ll say that again: It’s not okay to hurt other living beings. If an animal has rabies, or some other dysfunction which permits it to harm others, then it should be dealt with mercifully and compassionately, and if death be the sentence then that sentence should be carried out with the greatest remorse. But torture! God have mercy on us that we have seen these times. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” How conveniently that maxim is forgotten by those who so loudly trumpet their so-called Christianity.

Terrible Force Feedings of Guantanamo Bay Victims,2933,77538,00.html for things you can do to help.

VIDEO-Michael Ratner on Gitmo Bay Assisted Feeding tubes

This will make you sick. Damn Cheney and Bush and the whole anti-civil rights administration.
I was watching the DOD press conference a couple of weeks ago and hear Rumsfeld compare the hunger strike at Gitmo Bay to people going on DIETS. Is there any "Moral Highground" left for Bush Supporters to claim?

Lied the country into war.
Fiscal irresponsibility.
Outing CIA agents then lying about it.
Killing 100,000 Iraqi civilians, many of them women and children. And statistically, some of those woment MUST have been pregnant at the time.

Using Torture just like Saddam.
and now, Using Chemical Weapons.
(I'm sure there is more).

What "Moral Highground" is left for Bush supporters to claim?

I'd say this was a parting present from the Bu$h administration to the incoming Dem administration, in a way like Waco was to Clinton and Reno. Only problem for Bu$h is that the election fraud worked keeping him in the role of responsibility for this war crime.

Though it technically isn't napalm as it's not gasoline jelly, the W77 does use kerosene jelly and polystyrene so it's effects are just as dramatic as napalm.

White Phosphorus isn't supposed to be used as a weapon either, it's legitimate legal use is to illuminate the battlefield. Using it against a civilian population is beyond the pale. These people in the leadership positions have made our soldiers accomplices in war crimes. As Americans, we also are responsible for what they have done in our name. This infuriates me. I never wanted to be part of this, but I am. Just when you think you cannot get any more angry. Bastards. will this ever break through to general consciousness?

London Bombings and NY Subway Bomb Questions

Fitzgerald has his work cut out for him, esp. if he handles the House Impeachment probe which I hope he will.

The Drudge Report has linked to a new story by WNBC which seeks to shed some light on information provided to the NYPD in a recent briefing. The briefing surrounded the recent London attacks on 7/7 and 7/21. Among highlights of the briefing is the revelation that both attacks employed similar explosives but differing detonation methods. original news

The suicide bombers cooked up their explosives using mundane items like hydrogen peroxide. They stored them in a fancy commercial refrigerator that was out of place in their grimy flat. And cell phones likely were used to set them off. "Initially it was thought that perhaps the materials were high-end military explosives that were smuggled, but it turns out not to be the case," Kelly said. "It's more like these terrorists went to a hardware store or some beauty supply store."

The NYPD officials said investigators believe the bombers used a peroxide-based explosive called HMDT, or hexamethylene triperoxide diamine. HMDT can be made using ordinary ingredients like hydrogen peroxide (hair bleach), citric acid (a common food preservative) and heat tablets (sometimes used by the military for cooking).

~~What I'm wondering is why are New York Officials a source of information about what happend in London? Any and all information on what explosives were used, trigger mechanisms and such should be comming out of London imho.
And quotes like:
It's more like these terrorists went to a hardware store or some beauty supply store."

Are speculation, we don't care what's most likely, we care about whats actually used. London is still saying military explosives. Who are these NY officials to say otherwise? Where do they get their information? How come London or UK Officials aren't the ones to give out this information?use their mobile phones after the bombings to report their witness accounts and even to send pictures to them. In addition, so many people were calling loved ones and friends that the lines were jammed up. I just find it weird that now they are saying mobiles were used to detonate the bombs.

Tue August, 16 2005 find the whole story a bit why after the attacks police authoritys didn't shut down networks for phones.They knew that Madrid bombings were triggered by phones. If triggered by phones why the need to sacrifice themselves? Doesn't make sense. Also what the story of Visor consultancy running security exercise at the same time,media hasn't mentioned much about that. And where is all the cctv footage? smells like a 6 week old haddock.

If the tube bombs were detonated using cell phone timers, what roles did the four suspects caught on CCTV play? If they were suicide bombers, why use timers? If they were only delivery men, were they killed in the explosions? If not, where are they? If so, what kind of story do you tell four unwitting blokes to get them to assemble in one location loaded with rucksacks and take off on different tube lines? How does the behavior of the final bus bomber fit into the equation...was his last minute fiddling with the device an effort to trigger it? If so, why use timers if the bombs are triggered by the bombers? If not, did he expose his ignorance of the whole plan by panicking and searching his bag when he put two and two together and figured out that the explosions he had heard about were detonated on the tube lines his buddies just took?

Many questions..


Tony Blair Impeachment Beginnings

CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer filed this report from London.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s normally smooth officials have been left gaping and groveling after one of the biggest PR fiascos of his Labour Party tenure. Two burly security officials bundled an 82-year-old man out of Labour’s annual conference this week after he heckled Britain’s Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, during a speech on Iraq. Straw was telling conference delegates that Britain was in Iraq for one reason only — to help bring democracy to the country — when Walter Wolfgang shouted, “Nonsense. You know that’s a lie.”

Even though — or perhaps because — millions of Britons probably agree with Wolfgang, he was
immediately manhandled out of his seat. Unfortunately for Tony Blair and his party, the television cameras were right there, broadcasting it all live to an incredulous Britain.

Then it got worse.

It turned out that Wolfgang — since dubbed the Hero Heckler — was a Jewish refugee to Britain, and a party loyalist who had faithfully attended Labour conferences since 1955. When Wolfgang, along with another party member who had come to his rescue, tried to get back in to the
conference, they were detained under anti-terrorism laws. “Freedom of Speech in Blair’s Britain,” blazed the headline in the Daily Mail over pictures of a bouncer with muscles like watermelons lifting a frail Wolfgang by the scruff of the neck.

“Our PM is nothing but a bully — just ask old Walter,” said the Telegraph.

And borrowing an iconic line from the TV series “Fawlty Towers” (spoken by John Cleese as he
goose-stepped around some German visitors), The Independent's headline read simply “Don’t Mention the War.” In fact, until Wolfgang’s heckle, nobody was mentioning the war in Iraq much at the party conference, at least not publicly. Delegates complained the silence on the subject was deafening as party organizers and spin doctors worked to steer debate away from what many Labour supporters see as an immoral debacle.

It all underlines what a slick political machine Tony Blair has fashioned from the argumentative and rambunctious Labour Party of old, preoccupied with class warfare and workers’ rights. In those days, every party conference proudly boasted at least one rowdy dustup. But when does a slick political machine become a politically correct dictatorship?

“You cannot stifle debate by hiring heavies. A party has got to be open to the world,” said Wolfgang after he had finally been let back into the conference. “The Labour party must get back to its culture of being open to argument.” Prime Minister Tony Blair quickly apologized to Wolfgang for his treatment. “I am very sorry but I wasn’t there,” he repeated on practically every radio and television channel in Britain. But it has not deflected public outrage.

One old man’s outburst has focused the country’s attention right where Mr. Blair didn't want it: on the war in Iraq, on new draconian anti-terrorism laws and his own administration’s reputation for bullying dissenters.

Elizabeth Palmer ©MMV, CBS Broadcasting Inc