Friday, October 07, 2005

More on Fitzgerald Investigation Oct. 6, 2005

When the people clamor to be shielded from reality, when they praise their government for keeping things from them, when they choose to conduct their lives within the limits of whatever fantasy the government supplies, then they are no longer consenting to be governed, they are begging to be ruled.

~Shrubya has said resignation only if they were guilty after saying resignation if involved.

Are the Dems willing to howl now for an independent prosecutor to investigate the use of intelligence in policy making leading to the Iraq debacle?

~Legal sources close to the investigation" may well be leaking to pressure some witnesses for deals, but the higher targets may well have received letters - thus the recent flurry of White House events may be foreshadowing.

~You see, Raw Story also claims to have confirmed a report from AmericaBlog that Rove has been "missing" from recent public events as an apparent step to distance him from Dubya.

Sort of like the old joke about breaking bad news gently, the statement that Fitzgerald is "expected" to send target letters could be a preliminary way of leaking word that Rove has in fact received a target letter.

~The Plame/AIPAC-gate Connection Swopa ( it turns out that the Espionage Act (Death Penalty according to isn't a dead letter after all, and that it can be used to prosecute non-commercial, non-hostile revelations of sensitive information to the press, as opposed to giving secrets to hostile foreign powers.) cites Mark Kleimen on the AIPAC spy scandal -- who points out that Larry Franklin and his cohorts are "simply charged with giving classified information to those without security clearances, in pursuit of a political agenda" -- and makes the Plame-AIPAC-gate connection:


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