Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Keep Checking Fitzgerald's Website
Patrick J. Fitzgerald Special Counsel Official DOJ (Dept. of Justice) website.
~~ to Rep.

Jerrold Nadler's site, he wants Fitz to handle the Impeachment.

Also go to Rep. Hinchey's site - he sent a letter to Fitz to go where the evidence led him, giving support to Comey's mandate and 40 members of the House also signed.

There are some very brave Congresspersons and we should thank them!

Prosecutor's Progress Is Rare for Leak Inquiries
Published: October 26, 2005

Unlike any of his predecessors, Patrick Fitzgerald, has delved deeply into conversations that government
officials and reporters had every reason to believe would remain confidential.

~~~, October 26, 2005

Today on the Tom-Toms

Just got off the phone with a source who has appeared before Fitzgerald's grand jury who thinks that the Special Counsel is going to "go wide" with indictments -- i.e., a lot of people are going to get nailed. And from what I'm hearing, I agree. Which is why I put so little stock in anyone who's running around saying
"oooh, this just in -- Rove and Libby are going to be indicted! Announcement tomorrow!" That just lights my bullshit meter up like a pinball machine. Man, you are really out on a limb with that prediction, aren't ya?

Also, a grand juror was overheard waving to a reporter and saying "see you Friday" when they left today.

So we may not be quite there yet.

The bottom line in all this is that at this point, I think nobody knows what's going to happen, so take all predictions with a grain of salt, even this one. I hate to throw cold water on everyone's expectations for tomorrow, but even amidst the hearty speculation we like to engage in around here we also like to ground things in reality. And the reality is if Fitzgerald is still pursuing an investigation, he's probably going to want
some time to use that info in his "come to Jesus" talks with the perps.
Update: Lawrence O'Donnell agrees: "Experienced federal prosecutors are saying today that they expect Fitzgerald to extend the term of the grand jury even if he obtains indictments this week."

~~Civil rights violations?

I was intrigued to read one of Fitzgerald's briefs, which makes reference to the leak being "apparent retribution" or "apparent retaliation" for Joe Wilson's public criticism of the Bush administration.

I wonder whether Fitzgerald could include a count of civil rights violations, alleging that the government attempted to silence free speech by punishing Wilson?


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