Thursday, October 13, 2005

Body Armor - Really Support the Troops

#1 - Point Blank Body Armor - Chief Operations Officer Sandra Hatfieldmaker of - Interceptor - outer tactical vest ( body armor )
*it failed protection and safety issues, yet was issued to Marines
**let it go through anyway to production and payment
[Program Manager - Lt. Col Gabriel Patricio]
***exposed the shody equipment
[ James MacKiewicz ]

#2 - HumVee Armor Plating protection. O'Gara-Hess & Eisenhardt in West Chester, Ohio. aka - Armor Holdings of Jacksonville, Fla.
*** exposed the shody equipment

#3 - Armor kits. Stewart & Stevenson of Sealy, Texas
*** exposed the shody equipment

#4 - HumVee vehicles
*** exposed the shody equipment
[ Gary Motsek, director of support operations for Army Materiel Command and former Army chief of staff Gen. Eric Shinseki]

Defense analyst Bill Arkin

A - No Yellow Ribbon passiveness on the car, the home window, or around neighborhood trees.
B - No Flag waving excuses, with easy placed flags on car windows, that say nothing.
C - No Opinions without action.
D - Send real support ( the cost taxpayer money, yours and mine ) not just applause.

This is an informational, research, debate, group on what really supporting the troops...IS? This group goes beyond non active yellow ribbons, and lapel pins. It is the intention of this group to expose military equipment makers that endanger our troops. And it ask members to be active and write to their Congressmen and to the shody equipment makers, as well as expose any profiteering and cronyims.


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