Friday, October 07, 2005

After delving into Fleitz, I can safely report that he is, at a minimum, a very interesting character.

Arianna -- Any chance you'll investigate the links between PlameGate and the AIPAC spy scandal? From this post at

"Both Fitzgerald and Paul McNulty, the prosecutor in the AIPAC spy case, are targeting the same group of committed neoconservative ideologues. The neocons tried to discredit Ambassador Joe Wilson and "outed" CIA agent Valerie Plame because Wilson was an obstacle on the road to war with Iraq. And now they are trying replicate the same scenario in support a military strike at Iran -- the issue at the root of the AIPAC spy scandal. In both instances, their ruthlessness and lawlessness was their ultimate undoing.

Plame-gate + AIPAC-gate = Neocon-gate."

~question: Since Bolton is currently U.S. Ambassador to the U.N., can he be prosecuted if it turns out that he was responsible? Or does he enjoy a level of Diplomatic Immunity? September 21, 2005

I'm not sure which will give me more joy: seeing Rove and Bolton go to jail, or Tom Delay! Neither can happen soon enough. September 21, 2005

I have thought that he probably was the informant for Judith Miller since the confirmation hearings. Who is surprised? ~~Part of this story needs to be made more explicit.Arianna is trying, but just missing. While this is about the cover-up of "lying us into war," the real bottom line is much simpler.

They said (falsely) that we could have mushroom clouds coming in 45 minutes. (Read it again.)Now, who really terrorized the American People? What are you more frightened of? 20 guys with boxcutters or mushroom clouds over our cities with no warning? This is the underlying reality. And the real crime of treason.

~Just maybe, with a little luck and a little skillful politics, The Dems can take back one of the houses next year. Right about that time Plame-gate will be in full throttle. In fact, desire to get at the truth of Katrina failure and Plame-gate might drive the public into Democrats arms. Then the impeachments and indictments will begin in earnest and the cover that the legislature has given the adminisitration will be gone.

God I only hope this comes to pass. It is sad to say, but the loss and sacrifice of New Orleans may be what saves this republic. Without it, what chance would we have?

~~Bolton also appears to be involved in the forgery of the yellow cake memo as an accompolice of
Michael Ledeen both belong to the Jewish Institute for National Security affairs. Seems there are other forces involved in the Bush administration that are engaging in treasoneous acts affecting the USA.

~Will we have a conclusion to this saga in this decade? September 21, 2005

I've suspected it might be Bolton for months. What other explanation could there be for Dubya wanting so badly to have him at the UN? If he has diplomatic status, he could evade prosecution. Of course, that also presumes that Bush knows something about this that he hasn't been telling us.

I'm now hearing that the investigation may be inching closer to never-confirmed UN Ambassador John Bolton.

According to two sources, Bolton's former chief of staff, Fred Fleitz, was at least one of the sources of the classified information about Valerie Plame that flowed through the Bush administration and eventually made its way into Bob Novak's now infamous column.

After delving into Fleitz, I can safely report that he is, at a minimum, a very interesting character. He is a career CIA agent who Bolton handpicked to join him at Foggy Bottom, having gotten to know him during the administration of the first President Bush. While working as Bolton's top aide, Fleitz also continued his work in the CIA's WINPAC division, the group responsible for some of the
worst prewar intelligence on Iraq (they were, among other things, big fans of Curveball and had "high confidence" in the presence of WMD in Iraq).

"I perform liaison function for the [CIA] and Mr. Bolton," Fleitz told the Senate ~~So what does this all mean to the ongoing Plamegate investigation? Well, another source close to Bolton recently described his management style to me as "Very hands on. Nothing goes by him. His staff does what he wants. He's not the kind of guy to have his staffers freelancing." So, if Fleitz was a key source of the Plame info and Bolton is not the kind of guy to have his staffers freelancing… does this mean Bolton was being less than forthcoming when he told people around him that the first time he ever heard Valerie Plame's name was when he read it in the newspaper? Or was he merely sharing talking points with Tim Russert?

So could Ambassador Bolton actually be a target of Pat Fitzgerald's investigation? When considering this question, it's important to keep in mind that he's never been subpoenaed or questioned by the Plamegate grand jury -- and, as a lawyer who does work for the New York Times put it: "The target of a grand jury investigation would not ordinarily be subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury."

So here is what we know: We know that Fleitz was the connection to the CIA, and that Bolton was close to Scooter Libby (and the rest of the neocons, of course) and Judy Miller (for whom he was an important source, although the last time she quoted him by name was in 1999 when he was at the American Enterprise Institute). And here is what we don't know: we don't know the pathway through which Plame's identity got into Novak's column. Did Miller learn about Plame from her old chum Bolton? Did she pass that info on to Libby? Or had Bolton already told Libby? And Rove? Or was it all just passed around and around in a cozy game of neocon phone tag?

span >It makes one wonder more than ever before what Bolton and Miller talked about when he visited her in jail.


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