Saturday, October 15, 2005

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The Real Reason President Bush lied about the real cost of the war and continues to lie about the cost of occupation and reconstruction

· How 1 day of the true cost of this war and the elimination of Bush’ s $500 billion tax cut would provide Headstart Programs for every eligible child in America.

· How 3 days would provide healthcare for all uninsured US children

· How 4.5 days would create energy independence with clean technology

· How 1 week’s cost of the war would provide basic health and nutrition for all of the world’s poor

Why multi-billion dollar, behind-closed-doors, secret no bid contracts are given to Bush and Cheney’s corporate friends to rebuild Iraq and nothing is being spent on America’s collapsing infrastructure and economy

Look at the devastation and the brutal suffering of tens of millions of Americans because of Bush’s Imperialist obsession with the war. (Remember Bush’s campaign promise he would never get into nation building? I guess he meant America.)

If you think you’re hurting now – Wait until you see how the real cost of the War and Reconstruction will continue to devastate our Economy far beyond anything you’re experiencing now

While television focuses on the unbelievable skill of the troops and high tech weapons of the United States as the greatest power has ever seen, unnoticed by anyone are the negative implications for our future US living standards and influence that are certain to occur.

Not only is the United States the world’s greatest superpower, it is also the world’ s greatest debtor, living way beyond its means, and heavily dependent upon foreign lenders, and all of this at a time the economy is collapsing despite what the spin doctors tell us, and tens of millions of Americans are severely hurting financially.

To the 2.5 million who have lost their job since Bush took office, and are now among the 8 million already unemployed, to those who have seen their 401(K)s and retirement funds wiped out like the couple who had to sell their once $450,000 retirement for $7,000 in order to save their house, to those who are watching their communities close schools and slash desperately needed emergency services (New York City alone had to fire 3,100 cops, and lay off over 10,000 more city workers, close over a dozen fire houses, schools, medical services and sanitation workers at this time of heightened terrorist possibility), to almost all the airlines on the verge of bankruptcy, to the Veterans who are watching the Administration already cut back $24 billion of funding for Veterans (in affluent Santa Barbara alone, over 3,000 veterans were cut off from care) – when you see the real costs of the War, the Occupation and Reconstruction, you will be even further appalled. Cost estimates made by non-partisan, objective, highly reputable economists are that the costs will be $200 billion/year for the War and Occupation, and over a ten-year period will range from $755 billion to over $3 trillion.

Why did the White House adamantly refuse to give any estimate of what the war and occupation would cost to either the American people or the US Senate until March 17 when they “guesstimated” it would cost $90-110 billion, finally asking for $75 billion for six months? Because they knew that if the American people knew the true cost of the war they would be furious, and because they knew that the $75 billion for six months was a joke – it was just for starters, and they’d manipulate the American people to the true cost of the war just ask slickly as they did in manipulating Americans to want to go to war.


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