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VIDEO- Aaron Broussard on MTP Edited on Sun Sep-25-05 11:01 AM
Takes on Timmy http://www.democraticunderground.com/discuss/duboard.php?az=view_all&address=104x4879548

MTP is broadcasting now and Broussard is fantastic! Must see this incredible man.

~done Re: Meet the PressTim Russert literally had his ass handed to him by Mr. Broussard--as well he should have. Russert, do you have no shame for the amount of water- bearing you do for your beloved Bush administration, who keeps you and GE so well funded in arms contracts for their imperial wars? Oh, I guess I just answered that question.

Others developed some conscience during this Katrina Disaster--the Anderson Coopers, Brian Williams, even Faux New's Shepherd Smith. Yet, you go on oblivious to the debaucle and suffering your Bush Cronies have heaped on these people, through their negligence, felonious cronyism, and apathy towards the poor.

Well, you are certainly a well paid mouthpiece. I can't quite recall how that meshes with the word of Christ, that you, as a "proud Catholic" proclaim at every convenient juncture.

If you truly have a conscience, may the dead of NOLA-- who will never be accurately counted nor even recovered-- haunt you for abandoning the TRUTH.

~You should watch every week. Then e-mail the network about his failures. They will respond very slowly but they will respond eventually. Maybe they will fire him if they get too many complaints.


~Do you have a question, concern or comment for Meet the Press or Tim Russert? Fill in the form below and send us your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

Fire the Bush Regime Propagandist, Tim Russert and stop smearing Aaron Broussard and Cindy Sheehan!

That guy's pretty well spoken - good for him Timmy tried to sucker punch him. No such luck Timmy - Broussard hits back

~Are you kidding? What do you think the corporate media is all about? Their whole mission is to prop up bushco, and Russert is one of their best-rewarded propagandists.

~Can anyone find out is Pig Man is a paid shill? Hes a piece of garbage. Aaron should ask him that
"Mr. Pig Man are you a Guckert Armstrong?"

~That was INCREDIBLE. Thank you! Tim Russert and MTP should be ashamed of themselves.

~~The Pig Man of NBC thought he had Broussard set up for the slaughter, only to be minced into pork barbeque himself.

How nice it was to see the tables turned on the evil little mediawhore ~~~Thank you I don't get MSNBC and NBC doesn't come in too well here so I've never really had a chance to see what a scum Tim Russert is.

Black Heart indeed

~ WOW wow-chills up and down my arms and shoulders
Local and State officials were made impotent by the federal gov't... ....the resources needed for any substantial preparations to deal with this situation or any other emergency have been taken away by the tax cuts for the rich...PERIOD...the local and state levels of gov't haven't had the funds that are necessary for a state of emergency....and obviously the inept leadership of FEMA as well was pertinent in the travesty that's befallen my state

~Exactly. The meme floating around was "There is PLENTY of blame to go around" The WH apparently faxed that talking point to pols and paid yakkers on an hourly basis in the early days of Katrina.

The reality is that there wasn't "plenty" to go around.

There will almost always be errors made in such large operations, but it appears that the overwhelming amount of responsibility for the failures falls to the feds with the Bush administration leading.

And some of what occurred looks to be negligence. Criminal negligence.

~What you say is true And the response of the locals should be examined. But it is also about proporationality. As you point out, the locals can do only so much. That's why Jimmy Carter created FEMA. That's why he created FEMA as a cabinet level position. That's why he codified the fact that FEMA should be headed by **professionals**.

That's why he stipulated that FEMA should never be politicized.

When one weighs culpability, one needs to recognize the inherent limitations of the locals from **any** city or local jurisdiction. They *need* the help of the feds. And that's what was lacking.

Broussard is spot on in his take on things.

That's the operative word.

~Broussard gave Russert an opening. I know you don't want to hear it. Broussard was 99.9% on target as this thread indicates, however, he conceded one thing to Russert at the end. That there was blame to go around at the local, state and federal level.

The glaring comeback that would have stopped Russert completely was to remind him that local response in an emergency would have been exhausted after the second day. By that time, the local emergency response would have been exhausted and it would have been enough time for the federal government to have stepped in and taken over.

For example, NOLA showed that even local police have families to take care of. They can stock their families up with goods, but after two days, they need to get back to take care of their own families. So someone needs to step in to take over. Tearing Russert to shreads I missed the end because I had to take a call, but I thought Broussard, after having been ambushed, kicked Timmy's butt Sun Sep-25-05 11:12 AM

he not only kicked Timmy's butt he chewed him up and spit him out!!


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