Friday, September 30, 2005

Tim Russert's Black Heart

The powers-that-be won't let this go. They are going to go after Broussard with everything they can, including the Swift-Boat liars because he called a spade a spade.

"Murder" is exactly what it was.

A Proud "lefty" Liberal. Aaron Broussard has worked long and hard to save his community Check out this site: He is president of this association. He doesn't just talk, he walks the walk...

Press Releases Parishes Against Coastal Erosion (PACE) Response to the Bush Administration's
June 14, 2005 Policy Statement on the Proposed Energy Act of 2005 By Parishes Against Coastal Erosion

Sorry I don't know html stuff.Byrnt Russert thought... ...he'd have an easy time carving up Broussard and maybe force some kind of "I stand corrected" defensive posture. Instead Broussard ripped out the corporate media whore's black heart.

Buzzflash had a link to a Blog

"However, the most telling part of the interview was what Tim Russert DID NOT do. He did not replay the portion of Aaron Broussard's statement from Katrina here Aaron said that FEMA came in and cut off his emergency communication lines. He did not replay the part of the tape where Aaron Broussard said Sheriff Harry Lee restored the communications lines and posted armed guards on them to prevent FEMA from cutting the lines again.

Russert did not replay the portion of Broussard's previous interview where Broussard tells the nation that FEMA turned away three Wal-Mart trucks full of water en route to Jefferson Parish. He also does not replay Broussard telling the story of the Coast Guard offering fuel, but when people from Jefferson Parrish showed up to get the fuel the Coast Guard told them that FEMA had instructed them not to give them the fuel. You can read the transcript from the September 4th
interview here by scrolling down.

Why did Tim Russert leave out the most damning part of Broussard's case against the Federal government, and focus on how Broussard got the date of the death of his employee's mother wrong? This was a blatant attempt by Russert, who appeared to be nothing more than a propaganda arm of the Federal government, to discredit their biggest detractor, Aaron Broussard. Tim Russert should wallow in shame and admit his entire story was designed to prop up Bush at the expense of Aaron Broussard and a dead woman."

A Must Read Blog Tim!

You're right. The only part of the previous interview that was played was the part where he got his facts skewed. I think that this attempt to discredit him was to somehow show that everything he had said during the first
interview was false. I think their tactics backfired on them. My reply to MTP/Russert My letter to MTP...

"Meet The Press: 9/25/05 Aaron Broussard
To the Producers of Meet The Press and Mr. Tim Russert:

Today was the last time I will watch Meet The Press as long as Mr. Tim Russert hosts.
I am utterly disgusted.

Mr. Russert's 'interview' of Mr. Broussard was nothing but an attempt to ambush him on national TV. Unfortunately for Mr. Russert, it backfired in his face. Mr. Russert, do you have a heart? Or did you sell that along with your soul when you decided to become FEMA's apologist mouthpiece?

The entire guts of Russert's 'interview' was to try to discredit Mr. Broussard because he got the date wrong on the death of the poor woman that drowned in the nursing home.

This is what Meet The Press decided to concentrate on after the first interview with Mr. Broussard? That a woman died, but it wasn't on the exact day that Mr. Broussard described as he broke down in tears? And then Mr. Russert had the nerve to try to use this discrepancy to attack Mr. Broussard about his criticism of FEMA!

Gee, I wonder, Mr. Russert, why you didn't ask about the other outrages Mr. Broussard mentioned in his first interview, such as:

*When FEMA came in and cut off Mr. Broussard's emergency communication lines.

*When FEMA turned away three Wal-Mart trucks full of water en route to Jefferson Parish.

*How the Coast Guard offered Jefferson Parish fuel, but when people from the parish showed up to get the fuel, the Coast Guard told them that FEMA had instructed them not to give the parish the fuel.

Those nasty questions about FEMA don't help this administration, so I guess Mr. Russert didn't think they were newsworthy. Mr. Broussard was absolutely right when he said FEMA is guilt of murder. And as Mr. Broussard also said, there will be plenty of blame to go around to all levels of
the govt. However, Mr. Russert, your attempt to discredit a true hero of the aftermath of Katrina may indeed be the biggest blunder in your career.

Mr. Russert, if you smell something burning, it is the last tattered shreds of your journalist integrity. They just went up in smoke...

You, and Meet The Press, should be ashamed of yourselves."

Thanks for the link. and that site is a treasure trove.


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