Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Rove's Smear Machine Fails to Discredit Aaron Broussard

September 20, 2005 -- Vicious and putrid right-wing blogs and their corporate news apologists and supporters now go after Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard.

Its Karl Rove's Goebbelsian propaganda machine at its most effective. After Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard recounted on Meet the Press a tearful account of how his emergency services director's mother was left to die in a St. Bernard Parish nursing home as flood waters rose, the vicious GOP blogs have gone on the attack. They are accusing Broussard of getting his dates wrong about the flooding and nursing home mass deaths as if that means it's okay for a 92-year old woman and over 30 other seniors to have been allowed by an unresponsive and incompetent FEMA to perish. The woman's son, Thomas Rodrigue, said that Broussard was confused in the midst of the hurricane's devastation.

This is the same crap the GOP blogs poured out when Rove's operatives passed scanned pages from George W. Bush's Texas Air National Guard records to 60 Minutes. The documents contained correct information but the bloggers were tipped off by Rove's machine to jump on them as "forgeries" immediately after 60 Minutes and Dan Rather aired the piece about Bush's AWOL status. Dan Rather became the focus of the news instead of GOP dirty tricksters that include Rove and another bottom-feeding operative from past GOP campaigns.


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